Growth at Work

Core is wrapping up a great year… tons of growth, lots of new business, still incredibly busy. We moved into out current offices in Walker’s Point about 18 months ago with plenty of space and room to grow… and we’ve now outgrown it. Last week we moved a bunch of people, including me, down to the 6th floor. We’re still getting settled in, and we didn’t have time to design the space, but it still pretty cozy. It’s funny, I actually interviewed for a technician position in this building 19 years ago, when Allied Computer Group had the whole building. The 6th floor was still painted in their primary blue, yellow and red scheme… it was a look that did not really age that well.

It’s been a rebuilding year for my department, and I am incredibly happy with where we are today. We’ve got a team of really talented, dedicated, fun people who only want to do great work; We’ve got solid new processes in place that ensures that we can; We’ve got a completely supportive executive team that is ready to pour on the gas. 2014 is going to be exceptional.

Low carb diet

So, summer is upon us, Jared finally got a motorcycle, and I’m still not ready to ride. What I am ready for is to overhaul my carburetors. So, I pulled them out of the bike, cracked open the first one along-side my trusty Clymer manual. Everything went fine until I went to remove the needle jet from carb #1. It’s supposed to slide right out, but this bastard was completely stuck. It’s also soft brass, so I have to be extra careful in trying to get it out. I double checked everywhere I could find to make sure it really should come  out the way I think, and then got out the hammer. I selected a small piece of scrap pine, trimmed it to fit, wedged it in, and gave it a few exploratory taps. I got a little movement, but didn’t think through the fact that my little bit of scrap was getting crammed into the hole in the jet. Eventually I got the thing to pop out, but I also managed to break off a big chuck of wood inside of it… wood that has been hammered in. Brilliant. I can’t just dig it out, either, because I don’t want to rip up the (brass, remember) threads inside. AARRRGGG!

20130616_165613.jpg 20130616_174434.jpg 20130616_174019.jpg

 Rockerbox is coming, too… dang it!

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