Fifteen Dollar Guitar

Dillon continues to play guitar in Mad RED Kat, and continues to develop his skills (though somewhat reluctantly, like any 13 year-old). As he does, he’s expressed an interest in an acoustic guitar. Really, he wanted an electric-acoustic. After cruising Craig’s List, and eBay for...


New stuff in the shop

So, a few years ago I had a little hobby. I would cruise the Craigslist->Free listing for things that looked useful or interesting. I missed some neat pieces, but I also had a few wins. I got a little gas trimmer that was “broken” (the...


An Open Door @ Turner Ballroom

That’s right, people… both kids are now in rock bands. Rosie performed at Turner Ballroom yesterday with her band An Open Door. Check them out performing their original piece “It’s great to be a girl.” That’s my little girl on drums.


Ammo box panniers… finally!


So… this is pretty ridiculous, but I started this project in December of 2009… for those keeping score, that’s 4 1/2 years. Pretty ridiculous, but I’m pleased with the result. I’ll have to figure out a better mounting at some point, but we’re good for...


MPLS and back

  • IMG_20140627_073745
    Geared up, packed and ready to roll
  • IMG_20140627_081535
    We met up at Ally's Bistro for a hearty breakfast
  • IMG_20140627_085326
    I'm pretty sure we each took a version of this picture before we headed out. I dig the variation in these bikes.
  • 20140629_172454
    So many stop lights...
  • 20140629_125331
    Eventually we made it out of the city and out to the open road. I know, I know... two hands!
  • IMG_20140628_123524
    Dream on, Mike!
  • IMG_20140628_135452
    So pretty...

A few weeks ago Jared, Mike and I finally managed to get ourselves together enough to plan and execute a painfully long trip to the Twin Cites to visit Jemiah. Painful in that not one of our bikes is really designed for comfort. Have some...


I don’t know what you came to do

This is so great. Three dudes spontaneously create something lovely. Music is a mighty thing.


The Science of Creativity

This is a great video on the science and processes of creativity. Definitely worth a watch!
“You can’t improvise on nothing, man” -Charles Mingus


Christmas gifts

  • Earrings
  • Bracelet

I actually managed to find a few hours to work in my shop over the last few weeks… I’m happy with the results.


Super Awkward

Take a look at what we cooked up at work for our annual Christmas card: Those are the partners at Core Creative… Take a look at the rest of the photo album. You’ll find me in there, looking incredibly dapper.