30 Days of Creativity, Day 1: Brass Bookmark

I don’t remember how I ended up at http://30daysofcreativity.com, but I remember thinking “Wow. What a neat idea. I’m going to do that.” Well, here I go…

I’m working on a project that involves etching thin sheets of brass, and I’m having a bit of trouble with the process. The result is that I have a bunch if very thin brass sheet with toner half fused to it. I can’t use it for etching (though I may look into chemically removing the toner), so it is essentially scrap.


One of the objects for the etching project is a pair of bookmarks for my kids. Simple, and a good test of the process… when it works. As it stands, It’s not really working, so I figured I’d use the scrap to whip up a little, shiny bookmark.



It is 100% effective at marking the page in the book I am reading, in spite of the crappy photo.

4 Replies to “30 Days of Creativity, Day 1: Brass Bookmark”

  1. I like that! Nice. I’ve been very impressed with the vast majority of your creations. Your granddad would be very proud.

  2. I think you should probably be able to remove the toner with plain old acetone.

    Though the half-fused toner may not give you the actual end results you want, you may as well use some of the sheet to at least test out the etch process itself.

    1. The acetone cleaned it right up, and I went ahead and tried a different approach for applying the resist. It’s in the etchant now…

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