Plastic Injection Molder – Part 5

I got a very little more done on the injection molder frame:

Injection molder frame w/ piston
Injection molder frame w/ piston

That’s the arm and piston mounted (clamped) in place, and the center cross member bolted in. This thing is pretty solid, and pretty heavy, but I’ll still need to bolt it down eventually.

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  1. Those goggle started as a prop for a costume a few years ago, but have migrated to their intended use. The tinted lenses flip up, AND they fit over my glasses.

    That’s a Irwin, double-edged pull-saw… an americanized version of a Japanese saw, and really very cool. It does great a flush cutting, as well as your everyday rip cuts… I used it quite a bit on the pirate ship rehab.

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