Copper and oak

So, remember that ring clamp I started way back? Well, I found myself in need of one last week, and figured I’d better finish that thing up.┬áThe problem with the original plan and work is that the off-center positioning of the hinge, as well as the short span, made the tool fairly useless. Rather than start over, though, I looked at a couple of other varieties and decided to refit my original work for something I could actually use.

Notched for pad and band
Notched for pads and band
The bands
The bands
Test fitting the bands
Test fitting the bands

At this point I decide I stained the pieces and gave them a quick clear coat of polyurethane, polished up the copper, glued and trimmed the leather pads, and put the thing together:

Mostly finished ring clamp
Mostly finished

I’m working out a sweet copper knob to replace the wing nut, and I need to add a hinge to the bottom, but I can use this as it is.

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    1. Thanks! The initial plan was actually to do just that (with a brass band), but once I had it all together, I found that the short end of the clamp didn’t open wide enough for even a narrow ring. Even the longer end (the back) didn’t open very wide. My first thought was to make the hinge bigger, pushing the two sides apart, and accommodating larger material. The only way I could figure to do that was to either use a larger post across the middle, and to build some kind of sleeve around the thinner post I already had. Test fitting these ideas was just clunky and clumsy, to I looked at a different approach, and landed on this.

      One of the cool features of this kind of clamp, though not this specific clamp, is that they can be designed to be used as both an outside (like this one) and an inside clamp. If the “nose” of the clamp is narrower, and has parallel or grooved sides, and the screw is setup correctly, you can slip a ring over the outside and “loosen” it to hold the ring. Eventually I’ll need one of those…

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