New stuff in the shop

So, a few years ago I had a little hobby. I would cruise the Craigslist->Free listing for things that looked useful or interesting. I missed some neat pieces, but I also had a few wins. I got a little gas trimmer that was “broken” (the choke cable had popped off… a 30 second repair), and the sweet flight cases you see here. They’re pretty rusty on the bottoms, and they don’t latch, but they’re so cool to me. They are filled with individual drawers and I kept one of them on my bench for a while. The thing took up so much space, and I really never closed it, so I eventually set it on the floor. That, of course, mean that I’d never use it al all. Well, I’ve been working on getting my space cleaned up and organized (see the shelf w/ pegboard in the background) and I realized I had a convergence of problems: Way too much scrap wood, not enough storage, and nowhere to put these cases that would make them useful. So, I threw together the little monster you see here.

The most interesting thing was that I knew exactly where I’d gotten each bit of scrap. The sides are an old futon frame, the top was the stringer of the stairs of the porch of my first house, the drawer side and the bottom shelf were left over from the rebuild of the pirate ship, the drawer fronts were shelves that were in the house when we moved in, the bottoms and the back of the thing are MDF from a rocket i build for Dillon when her was 5, the shelf and drawer supports were parts of a laundry chute catch basket. It was just really neat to prove I wasn’t just a weird hoarder.

Oh, and I only ended up buying one new tool… a bit for the router to cut slots for the drawer bottoms. (I found my bits the next day… d’oh!)


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