Making moves: Leaving on a high note

Note: This has been in my drafts folder for 9 months. I left Core Creative in May, and things are going great at GMR. It’s a whole different thing, but I’m having fun and doing really interesting work. 

Apparently, 2015 is the year my entire life is going to be flipped, turned upside-down like the Fresh Prince. Among the big changes in store, first among them in fact, is a change in jobs. I’ve been at Core Creative for three years now, and it’s been grand. Core is a great place, and I’ve been involved in some great work and helped to build a great team. It’s also been a huge growth opportunity and an experience that changed my whole perspective on my career. I’ve got some initiatives that are finally bearing fruit, and we’ve finally got the solid base of talent and process to take Core to the next level. Hell, we just won our first Bell award for a website ever. Seems like a good time to leave, right?

Stick with me… I really think it’s a good decision for everyone. Core gets a chance to rethink the way they structure the Digital Services area without having to work around me. Other folks in the department have an opportunity to do more without worrying about stepping on my toes. This also forces us to review and update all documentation around my role and make sure that everything is covered and right. It’s a good thing, and I’m really excited

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