Seventeen-year bookshelves

The wood for these bookshelves is from a remodelling project in the first house owned. I thought it would be cool (read: sentimentally meaningful) to use this material in my new house. I’d seen this great coffee table and thought the whole design form would work throughout my living room.



It’s a minimal, modern form with rough and recovered materials. (I’m sure there is a larger metaphor there somewhere.) Well, I decided to start with a small hallway table, but once I had it all cut and staged and really wasn’t all that happy with how it turned out. I thought maybe I could put a tall vase on it with a dried arrangement, but it just wasn’t what I wanted. Fortunately, the length of these pieces was just right for some bookshelves. I love how these came out! Also had fun figuring out how to hang them with no visible hardware. (The thing actually pulled itself out of the wall the first time I put it up and put anything significant on it.)

One of the things I dig about my house is that you can see how it has been polished and improved from the original little house it was 80 years ago. There are definitely things that I will be doing to bring back some of that original character, but I want, also, to have a thoroughly modern home. We’ll see what that all means, but today it meant materials that I’ve moved with me for 17 years and 4 homes are finally part of something again.

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