Seventeen-year bookshelves

The wood for these bookshelves is from a remodelling project in the first house owned. I thought it would be cool (read: sentimentally meaningful) to use this material in my new house. I’d seen this great coffee table and thought the whole design form would work throughout my living room.



It’s a minimal, modern form with rough and recovered materials. (I’m sure there is a larger metaphor there somewhere.) Well, I decided to start with a small hallway table, but once I had it all cut and staged and really wasn’t all that happy with how it turned out. I thought maybe I could put a tall vase on it with a dried arrangement, but it just wasn’t what I wanted. Fortunately, the length of these pieces was just right for some bookshelves. I love how these came out! Also had fun figuring out how to hang them with no visible hardware. (The thing actually pulled itself out of the wall the first time I put it up and put anything significant on it.)

One of the things I dig about my house is that you can see how it has been polished and improved from the original little house it was 80 years ago. There are definitely things that I will be doing to bring back some of that original character, but I want, also, to have a thoroughly modern home. We’ll see what that all means, but today it meant materials that I’ve moved with me for 17 years and 4 homes are finally part of something again.

MPLS and back

A few weeks ago Jared, Mike and I finally managed to get ourselves together enough to plan and execute a painfully long trip to the Twin Cites to visit Jemiah. Painful in that not one of our bikes is really designed for comfort. Have some photos.

Growth at Work

Core is wrapping up a great year… tons of growth, lots of new business, still incredibly busy. We moved into out current offices in Walker’s Point about 18 months ago with plenty of space and room to grow… and we’ve now outgrown it. Last week we moved a bunch of people, including me, down to the 6th floor. We’re still getting settled in, and we didn’t have time to design the space, but it still pretty cozy. It’s funny, I actually interviewed for a technician position in this building 19 years ago, when Allied Computer Group had the whole building. The 6th floor was still painted in their primary blue, yellow and red scheme… it was a look that did not really age that well.

It’s been a rebuilding year for my department, and I am incredibly happy with where we are today. We’ve got a team of really talented, dedicated, fun people who only want to do great work; We’ve got solid new processes in place that ensures that we can; We’ve got a completely supportive executive team that is ready to pour on the gas. 2014 is going to be exceptional.

Radio Lab

We got Dillon tickets to Radio Lab Live for his birthday – they were in Milwaukee last week and he was REALLY excited.  The show was at the Riverside and we met Rachel at Mo’s for dinner first, and allowed D to order both soda and dessert, which I never do (special occasion dispensation).  But the food was pretty good, and since it is a block from the theatre you can’t beat the location.

Small parental pet peeve – when the ticket says ‘doors open at 7pm’ but does not inform you when the show will actually begin.  So we got there a little after 7pm but ended up waiting in the hallway for forty minutes.  Then, they open the doors for real, we get to sit in our seats, and the usher gives us a package containing a button-cell battery and an LED.  It took D all of a minute to figure out how it worked, and we had another 20 minutes or so to play with it before the show actually started.  I know I am more uptight about this than I used to be, but it was a long day of soccer games and running around, and knowing that we actually had an extra hour to get to our seats would have been useful.

Going into it, with the show starting at 8ish, it was already a late night for the 11-year-old.  And they started the show with a hilarious (and according to Dillon, inappropriate for kids) set by Dave Foley.  It was great, but I feel like a number of people in the audience were there more for him than for Radio Lab, most of the questions were about him during the Q&A at the end of the show…  but the overall show was really wonderful.  If you get an opportunity to attend, you probably should.  It is just like the radio show/podcast, only with a visual dimension which at least in this case, really added a lot to the experience.  I am not even going to try to describe it because I know I won’t do it justice.

The local NPR affiliate had a fundraiser and sold tickets to an after party, which I heard about and asked D if he wanted to attend.  He did, and he put a lot of thought into what he was going to say when he met the hosts of Radio Lab, Jad and Robert.  He was really funny about that, how much he considered it and kind of worried about it in a way…  and when he did have the opportunity to talk with them, he got a little tongue-tied and shy.  But he said something to them and we got a picture with them, though I wasn’t really close enough to hear what happened.  He had a favorite show all ready to ask them about, and a ton of questions, but it was really noisy and crowded and I think he used up all of his assertiveness just figuring out how to get in line and speak to them.

After he got to talk to them, he didn’t want to stay at the after party to talk to any of the other performers (though I tried to get him to talk to the dancers from the really excellent dance troupe that performed in the show since that is another of his interests).  He wanted to go home.  It was after 10:30pm and he was clearly beat.  On our way out, we ran into Thao Nguyen in the hallway, and D was fabulous.  She’s a really lovely singer/songwriter who played the music for the show, and Dillon was adorable, telling her in his genuine little-kid way how much he loved her parts of the show.

Overall, it was a memorable evening and we all had a great time.

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Me: [Walking into my bedroom at 9:30pm and finding Charles passed out and snoring.] Oh, is it Friday night already?

Charles: Molly, the romance isn’t dead. It just stays up too late sometimes. The romance is a little bit of an idiot.

We laugh about this, and then he falls immediately back to sleep. It is funny because it is a pattern in our relationship that he only sort of realizes. He can only stay up until 2 or 3am four days in a row. So that is Monday through Thursday. Then, on Friday, like clockwork, he passes out (usually as early as 8pm). Saturday and Sunday are generally pretty early nights too, and then it is back working all night on the weeknights. We’ll see if the new job he’s starting changes things at all…  Not that I am complaining.  He works hard, and I am sure that is why this new company recruited him – he is very good at what he does.  But I’d kind of like our sleep schedules to match a little bit, one or two days a week at least!

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