Ammo box panniers… finally!

Ammo box panniers… finally!
So… this is pretty ridiculous, but I started this project in December of 2009… for those keeping score, that’s 4 1/2 years. Pretty ridiculous, but I’m pleased with the result. I’ll have to figure out a better mounting at some point, but we’re good for the moment.

Low carb diet

14. July 2013 Motorcycle, Shop 0
So, summer is upon us, Jared finally got a motorcycle, and I’m still not ready to ride. What I am ready for is to overhaul my┬ácarburetors. So, I pulled them out of the bike, cracked open the first one along-side my trusty Clymer manual. Everything went fine until I went to remove the needle jet ...

First ride of 2011 or first repair of 2011

21. April 2011 Motorcycle 0
Knowing we would be out of town for a while, and that the weather would almost certainly not hold, I made sure I got my bike out last weekend. It only took a little coaxing to get it started, and then everything was great. Great, that is, until I tried to pull in the clutch ...