Seventeen-year bookshelves

04. April 2016 General, Photo, Shop 0
Seventeen-year bookshelves
The wood for these bookshelves is from a remodelling project in the first house owned. I thought it would be cool (read: sentimentally meaningful) to use this material in my new house. I’d seen this great coffee table and thought the whole design form would work throughout my living room.     It’s a minimal, ...

Wooden darts… Widdies

02. March 2016 Made, Shop, Story 0
Wooden darts… Widdies
There is a story in my family on one of my uncles throwing one of these very wooden darts, widdies, into the his brother’s head, causing the afflicted brother to run upstairs screaming. No idea if it’s true, but it’s a fun story… well, fun for most of us. At some point these came into ...

Fifteen Dollar Guitar

19. October 2014 Life, Made, Music, Shop, Story 3
Fifteen Dollar Guitar
Dillon continues to play guitar in Mad RED Kat, and continues to develop his skills (though somewhat reluctantly, like any 13 year-old). As he does, he’s expressed an interest in an acoustic guitar. Really, he wanted an electric-acoustic. After cruising Craig’s List, and eBay for possible candidates, I came across this gem: Yup, a $15 ...

New stuff in the shop

21. September 2014 Made, Photo, Shop 0
New stuff in the shop
So, a few years ago I had a little hobby. I would cruise the Craigslist->Free listing for things that looked useful or interesting. I missed some neat pieces, but I also had a few wins. I got a little gas trimmer that was “broken” (the choke cable had popped off… a 30 second repair), and the ...

Low carb diet

14. July 2013 Motorcycle, Shop 0
So, summer is upon us, Jared finally got a motorcycle, and I’m still not ready to ride. What I am ready for is to overhaul my carburetors. So, I pulled them out of the bike, cracked open the first one along-side my trusty Clymer manual. Everything went fine until I went to remove the needle jet ...

Copper and oak

14. May 2012 Made, Shop 2
So, remember that ring clamp I started way back? Well, I found myself in need of one last week, and figured I’d better finish that thing up. The problem with the original plan and work is that the off-center positioning of the hinge, as well as the short span, made the tool fairly useless. Rather than ...

Copper Pendant

01. March 2012 Made, Shop 6
Well, it’s finally happened… I finally made Molly that piece of jewelry I promised her back when Michael first talked me into taking Frankie‘s summer workshops (two years ago?). It’s not fancy, but I’m happy with it, Molly seems to like it, and it is the first thing of this type I’ve produced at home. ...

Plastic Injection Molder – Part 5

04. February 2012 Made, Shop 2
I got a very little more done on the injection molder frame: That’s the arm and piston mounted (clamped) in place, and the center cross member bolted in. This thing is pretty solid, and pretty heavy, but I’ll still need to bolt it down eventually.

New shop storage

08. January 2012 General, Made, Shop 1
For those of you that don’t know, I spend my days working for a communications firm here in Milwaukee. This company has its roots in advertising, and there are still some artifacts of that history around. One of them was a bunch of flat file cabinets which were used to store proofs, works-in-progress, presentation boards, ...