Wire Cutters

24. June 2016 Short post, Video 0
Wire Cutters
Wire Cutters from Jack Anderson on Vimeo. A chance encounter proves fateful for 2 robots mining on a desolate planet. Contact: Hello@Jackanders.com Crew: Created By: Jack Anderson Original Score By: Cody Bursch Sound Design By: Jackie! Zhou Additional Animation: Jen Re, Erica Robinson, Hunter Schmidt, Justine Stewart, Jacqueline Yee Additional FX: Danny Corona, Matthew Robillard, ...

An Open Door @ Turner Ballroom

11. August 2014 Music, Video 0
That’s right, people… both kids are now in rock bands. Rosie performed at Turner Ballroom yesterday with her band An Open Door. Check them out performing their original piece “It’s great to be a girl.” That’s my little girl on drums.

Designing Confidence

07. April 2013 Video 0
I stole this from Frankie Flood: This is super cool. This is the kind of thing that is really exciting to me. People printing coat hooks and key chains and other nonsense make me a little ill, but this kind of thing in amazing. This changes how people think.

Raising Awareness: craft-based performance

06. April 2013 Video 0
Someone I work with asked about a metalworking and jewelry making class in Milwaukee, and I naturally thought of Frankie, and the summer workshops at UWM. Then I remembered meeting Michael the last time I was at Frankie’s studio, and figured I’d check out his work. That led to finding this video on his site, and I ...

Work, work

04. April 2013 Video, Work 4
Last summer I changed jobs. I left my position at Versant to help build a new an improved Digital Services department at Core Creative. Core is an amazing place, full of brilliant, sincere, and dedicated people. Nobody does just one thing here, and so when our creative director was looking for someone to voice the ...