Super Awkward

17. December 2013 Photo, Short post, Web, Work 0
Take a look at what we cooked up at work for our annual Christmas card: Those are the partners at Core Creative… Take a look at the rest of the photo album. You’ll find me in there, looking incredibly dapper.

My day job – Part 1: Buses, Oil, and Peter jackson

23. February 2012 Web, Work 0
This is a bit of a divergence from what I normally post, so if you’re not interested, feel free to skip it. I’m just taking a moment to talk about some of the work I do at my DayJob[tm]. For those who do not know, I am Chief Technologist (formerly Senior Interactive Developer; formerly Web ...

Lavender Gooms, G-Force, and Imhotep

15. September 2010 Web 1
The Internet is full of crap… sort of. I guess it’s not entirely full yet: full – adjective – completely filled; containing as much as is possible; So, not full, but it’s got to be getting close.┬áHaving been online for a long time, and having contributed a fair few properties of real use, I figured ...