Making moves: Leaving on a high note

25. February 2016 Life, Work 0
Note: This has been in my drafts folder for 9 months. I left Core Creative in May, and things are going great at GMR. It’s a whole different thing, but I’m having fun and doing really interesting work.  Apparently, 2015 is the year my entire life is going to be flipped, turned upside-down like the ...

Super Awkward

17. December 2013 Photo, Short post, Web, Work 0
Take a look at what we cooked up at work for our annual Christmas card: Those are the partners at Core Creative… Take a look at the rest of the photo album. You’ll find me in there, looking incredibly dapper.

Work, work

04. April 2013 Video, Work 4
Last summer I changed jobs. I left my position at Versant to help build a new an improved Digital Services department at Core Creative. Core is an amazing place, full of brilliant, sincere, and dedicated people. Nobody does just one thing here, and so when our creative director was looking for someone to voice the ...

My day job – Part 1: Buses, Oil, and Peter jackson

23. February 2012 Web, Work 0
This is a bit of a divergence from what I normally post, so if you’re not interested, feel free to skip it. I’m just taking a moment to talk about some of the work I do at my DayJob[tm]. For those who do not know, I am Chief Technologist (formerly Senior Interactive Developer; formerly Web ...