It’s just a doodle


A few weeks ago, following what I am sure was a long and tiring day, I came home from work, as is my habit. I greeted my wife, my children, and my dogs, put down my keys and generally just caught my breath. No sooner had my keys hit the table than my boy came up wanting to show me what he’d been working on. The first was a fairly impressive, and functioning, motorized lego sled, complete with skis. Nice.

As we sat on the floor of the room discussing the few issues with his design, I noticed a small stack of bricks and gears sitting on his unreasonably messy desk:

Me: Hey, man, what’s that?
D: What? Oh. that’s just my water wheel.
Me: Why do you call it a water wheel?
D: I dunno. It just reminded me of one.
Me (giving the gears a spin): That’s really cool!
D (dismissively):
Yeah. I was just doodling.

What impressed me was not just that he’d essentially built a lego gear box completely on his own, or that it has a perfect 2:1 ratio, but that he referred to its construction as “doodling.”

I dig this kid.

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