Nerf escalation

Draft created: 2/6/2011

Just after Christmas, when everyone at my office was getting back into the swing of regular work, someone (Ben) introduced a collection of small, single shot nerf guns, one for each designer/developer/Laslo. He also brought in his notably more effective [weapon]. This, naturally, led to something of an arms race, resulting is a fairly well armed Interactive Department. The coolest, I think, the the sawed-off shotgun-style number Tom ordered for the boss, and the most outrageous is the Stampede he ordered for himself:

The thing takes something like 20 D Energizers! My favorite, however, is the extremely accurate, extremely quiet, extremely long range, extremely cheap weapon I whipped up of a lunch hour at the local Home Depot:

That’s right, race fans… a blow gun! Completely destroys all other nerf weapons in accuracy (the barrel is way longer than anything I’ve seen) and range (nothing even approaches the capacity/power of my standard-issue breath-bags), and is better than many in rate of fire. Whistlers and suction darts have to be muzzle loaded and are the more accurate, but the N-Strike darts can be quickly loaded from the mouthpiece. Not nearly as fast as the Stampede, but I poped Tommy in the head from waaaay down the hall, and  he didn’t know it was coming until it was there.