Plastic Injection Molder – Part 5

04. February 2012 Made, Shop 2
I got a very little more done on the injection molder frame: That’s the arm and piston mounted (clamped) in place, and the center cross member bolted in. This thing is pretty solid, and pretty heavy, but I’ll still need to bolt it down eventually.

Plastic Injection Molder – Part 4

07. January 2012 Made, Shop 0
I’ve been swamped at work with a couple of pretty big projects, but I got a bit more work done on the injection molder frame and controller. First the controller:   Yup, all wired up and working. I’ve got it heating the chamber and have had it all the way up to 400 degrees. I’ve ...

Plastic Injection Molder – Part 3

12. October 2011 Made, Shop 1
I am finally getting back to work on the plastic injection molder. We recently moved offices at work and there was a fair bit of stuff headed to the trash. I grabbed a busted old VGA repeater/extender and gutted it. After a bit of cutting and drilling, and a quick shot with my trusty can ...

Plastic Injection Molder – Part 2

21. February 2011 Made 0
Plastic Injection Molder – Part 2
I want to be able to use recycled materials as much as is reasonable in my sweet new molder, so I decided to start with what I had around the house. My family goes through a lot of milk, and we’ve recently switched to an organic product with an almost waxy, opaque plastic bottle. I ...

Plastic Injection Molder – Part 1

05. February 2011 Made 2
Plastic Injection Molder – Part 1
When the weather started to change, I had a long list of projects I wanted to get done. So far, I’m not done with any of them, but I have gotten a reasonable start on some. The shop is looking a lot better, but is not where I want it to be. I got some ...