Shave brush stand

The problem: How do you store your shaving brush between uses?

Water will gather at the base of the bristles and mold
The brush will deform and the bristles will curl over
both the 1sr and 2nd problems here

The Solution: A brush stand. There are some lovely commercial stands that I’m sure do a great job, and eventually I may buy or make a more beautiful solution, but for now, I work with what I have… Plastic covered steel wire.

Start with a big 'V' of wire and bend a small "ledge" into the point. Give yourself plenty of extra wire.
Finish bending in a depressed section. This part is pretty tricky and takes some trial and error. You want the "back" wide enough to be stable, but not so wide that it's hard to get to the next step
Bend some more, then add a little twist. I tries something more symmetrical, but this was the only way the thing was rigid enough to stay upright. if you want to add clamps or glue, you could probably sort out a different arrangement. This has actually grown on me now, though.
Test fit... adjust.
Test fit... adjust.
There you go... Stuff you probably have around the house and 30 minutes of messing around.

Of course, I’m not the first to attempt this. After (yes, after) making this, I came across this Instructable:

Not bad. I like the inclusion of the razor in the stand, but I prefer one that works with the cup. Wet brushes drip, and I’d rather have mine drip into the mug than onto the counter.

Note: Both the mug and the pliers belonged to my grandfather. The brush is a Tweezerman Deluxe shaving brush. It looks like the same one as in the linked Instructable, and I can say it is a good brush.

New old bench grinder

Over the holidays my father gave me an old bench grinder he had in the basement. The thing was not in great shape, but it’s a tool I certainly needed. My dad is one of those guys that always seems to have an extra [whatever you are looking for]. I’ve got a battery charger that came to me the same way.

Here’s what the bench grinder looked like when I got it:

Bench grinder: Before
Bench grinder: Before

It’s a Wen Model 1030 with a 1/3 horse power motor. You may no know it, but Wen is a real American company. They’ve been making tools since 1951 and are still around (located in Elgin, IL). This specific model, the cost $60 back in 1974 (you could drop an additional $10 to get the model with an included work light). Looks like you can still get into a 6″ grinder with work lights for $70. I think the old ones look better:

Bench grinder: After
Bench grinder: After

I swapped one wheel for a buffer. The one I have, though, is too small, and sits too close to the housing so I’ll be adding in some spacers and a larger wheel when I get a chance. I’m pretty pleased with the result, though. Here’s one more set of before/after:

Bench grinder: Before
Bench grinder: Before
Bench grinder: After
Bench grinder: After

Could be better (work light, painted, etc.), but it’s great for now.


I just went to the Wen site and registered the grinder… we’ll see if I get a response.