Copper Pendant

01. March 2012 Made, Shop 6
Well, it’s finally happened… I finally made Molly that piece of jewelry I promised her back when Michael first talked me into taking Frankie‘s summer workshops (two years ago?). It’s not fancy, but I’m happy with it, Molly seems to like it, and it is the first thing of this type I’ve produced at home. ...

Plastic Injection Molder – Part 5

04. February 2012 Made, Shop 2
I got a very little more done on the injection molder frame: That’s the arm and piston mounted (clamped) in place, and the center cross member bolted in. This thing is pretty solid, and pretty heavy, but I’ll still need to bolt it down eventually.

New shop storage

08. January 2012 General, Made, Shop 1
For those of you that don’t know, I spend my days working for a communications firm here in Milwaukee. This company has its roots in advertising, and there are still some artifacts of that history around. One of them was a bunch of flat file cabinets which were used to store proofs, works-in-progress, presentation boards, ...

Plastic Injection Molder – Part 3

12. October 2011 Made, Shop 1
I am finally getting back to work on the plastic injection molder. We recently moved offices at work and there was a fair bit of stuff headed to the trash. I grabbed a busted old VGA repeater/extender and gutted it. After a bit of cutting and drilling, and a quick shot with my trusty can ...

30 Days of Creativity, Day 3: Annealing pan

03. June 2011 Made 7
Some of you know that I am slowly adding some metalworking capability to my little home workspace (Mike’s lent me his Sherline mill, Frankie dug up an old welding outfit, my dad supplied the bench grinder, etc.). As I save up for the items and services I’ll need to pay for, I’ve started to build ...

The “shop”

21. April 2011 Shop 0
Draft created: 12/17/2010 One of the things I struggle with in my home shop (calling it that is a bit of a stretch, I suppose) is organization. The place always seems to be a mess, and while I can usually lay my hands on the specific tools or parts I need, it takes a lot ...

New old bench grinder

05. January 2011 Made, Shop 7
New old bench grinder
Over the holidays my father gave me an old bench grinder he had in the basement. The thing was not in great shape, but it’s a tool I certainly needed. My dad is one of those guys that always seems to have an extra [whatever you are looking for]. I’ve got a battery charger that ...