Lavender Gooms, G-Force, and Imhotep

The Internet is full of crap… sort of. I guess it’s not entirely full yet:

Longbranch Pennywhistle

full – adjective – completely filled; containing as much as is possible;

So, not full, but it’s got to be getting close. Having been online for a long time, and having contributed a fair few properties of real use, I figured it would be ok for me to add a little crap. It’s a pebble in the ocean, really.

Generally I’m not a fan of television programs, or television personalities, or television in general. There are shows, however, that I’ve found interesting for one reason or another. I usually pick up shows after they are released to DVD, and I’m a little embarrassed to say that once I pick up a series, I want to see it through to the end. Obsession is too strong a word, but not by as much as I’d like.

One program that I actually watch within a week of it’s airing (or whenever it gets to Hulu) is Psych. It’s nothing special, really… sort of a buddy/detective program. The thing is, it’s absolutely packed with one-liners, throw-aways, and clever little bits. One of these clever little bits revolves around constantly introducing the straight-man (Dulé Hill) with different name (see the title of this post).

So, the Psych Wikipedia entry, about an hour of messing around, and we have

The Burton Guster Name Game!